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Poeticlee shows us the 'Crossroads: From Hell to Heaven'

Poeticlee's latest EP Crossroads: From Hell to Heaven is a project that intriguingly incorporates Afro futuristic sounds that are able to transform us from one mental state to another. 
Poeticlee is an artist and poet from North Carolina, who has dropped another EP H.O.P.E earlier this year. Being known for his poetic talent every single project he touches also touches your soul. Who knew that we could literally hear heaven and hell by just listening to sounds? Opening up the EP with "Ase," Poeticlee introduces us to the connection and feeling of the power of all the ancestors moving around us. Excelling in portraying this specific depiction, the intense sounds are extremely heavy with an unusually deep brass, giving off a dark yet powerful aura with the Afro futuristic beats. Poeticlee's voice also plays a huge role in this as his strong and brassy voice adds yet another element in what seems to be a ruthless and awakened environment. When Innana Rose comes in with her mystical voice, she creates a softer voice of wisdom to the brassy beats throughout the track, painting spiritual bonds through poetic wordplay. 
By rhyming heart-warming poetry, Poeticlee attempts to outrun his demons by being vulnerable and expressively releasing his emotions through such beautiful writing. His strength is not only depicted through witty wordplay, but it is also shown through his delivery, being able to connect with his soft side, expressing that in his tone while still being strong with his projection. Sonically, the angelic, light chimes paint a vision of what PoeticLee thinks heaven sounds like, being special since he also references Nipsey through his Marathon analogy.
Connect with Poeticlee: Instagram | Spotify 
Hip-Hop · Spoken Word


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