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Boy Harsher creates a masterful Special Interest "Street Pulse Beat" remix

Get ready to feel like you’re being thrust back in time. New Orleans-based glam post-punk, new wave band Special Interest released their sophomore album The Passion Of earlier in the year and they have now announced a remix album that will be coming out next month. The Passion Of: Remixed will include an impressive collection of remixes of a few album tracks by artists like Kontravoid, DJ Haram, and w00dy. Along with the announcement, Special Interest has shared an amazing version of “Street Pulse Beat” as remixed by the genius duo Boy Harsher.

Boy Harsher is the perfect mixture of darkness, drama, and synths. Their style combined with Special Interest’s couldn’t have yielded a better result. It makes you feel uprooted to some underground German smoke-filled club, you're decked out in leather, and the year is 1983. The original “Street Pulse Beat” had a rawness and fierce passion that gives 80s industrial, goth, and new wave icons a run for their money. Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher manages to harness that energy and greatness of the original to bring a polished synth-filled gem to the table. They fully exploit the hypnotic danceability and add a shimmering soundscape for a remix that's equally as special as the original.

Available to pre-order on Bandcamp is a limited edition Street Pulse Beat 12” featuring Boy Harsher’s remix alongside the original and remixes by Ruth Mascelli and DJ Haram. It’s set to release with the 12-track digital album on January 8, 2021. All proceeds go to House of Tulip in New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded and led by two Black transgender women, House of Tulip provides trans and gender-nonconforming communities in the area support, stability, and safety through resources which include education, housing, employment, and healthcare. Learn more via the House of Tulip website.

Connect with Boy Harsher: Bandcamp | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Special Interest: Bandcamp | Spotify

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