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Love Mansuy unveils new visual for "Four Seasons" [Video]

Irvington, New Jersey's own Love Mansuy is about as sure of a bet for superstar as a rising young artist can be, with his abbreviated discography already flush with vibrancy and innovation.  Perhaps the Montreal-born singer's most recognizable calling card is his unwavering commitment to building a bridge of understanding between the listener and himself, never afraid to dive into the deeply personal side of relationships and shed light on his own processes.  

Less than a month following the release of his (Món Swee) side B EP, serving as the conclusive installment to his earlier (Món Swee) side A, the visual takes us into the deeply affected Mansuy as he explores the time-sensitive nature of his relationships.  The duality of R&B, always jumping between the sexy and the surreal, takes a front seat in the video as the viewer explores several intimate scenes of closeness and connection following a late-night motel rendezvous.  The record itself, filled with anything but B-sides, takes frequent turns into Mansuy's specialty; heartrendingly personal thoughts and ruminations over plodding pianos and airy synths.  Always with a penchant for injecting energy into a track, "Four Seasons" manages to still function as a catchy, radio-ready cut despite the depth of emotion that it covers.

With assistance from Liv.e, the legendary Lil Wayne, and Mansuy's own son Carter, the Món Swee projects provided something that was heartfelt yet defiant and sonically interesting at the same time, another proverbial feather in the cap for the New Jersey visionary.  An artist of substance, it's hard to imagine Mansuy's 2021 looking much different than what can only be described as a breakout 2020.  

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9 months ago

A song to relax and drive to
I’d like see h at the Grammys one day