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anaiis performs “Vanishing” COLORS show [Video]

Following her beautiful duet single “Learn To Love” with Azekel earlier this year, rising artist anaiis now drops her new single “Vanishing” through an exclusive COLORS show.

Using her artistry to evoke beauty even from the darkest corners of her mind, anaiis’ “Vanishing” is a release born out of her South-East London apartment on a perfectly out of tune piano, only heightening the emotion within her voice. The single reflects on a period of what can anaiis can only describe as a never-ending downward spiral, resulting in a journey and confrontation to her innermost thoughts.

“This song was a way for me to move through and liberate myself from some of the dark thoughts that were holding me captive and helped me recognise the illusory tendencies of my mind. The process of learning how not to over-identify with these patterns showed me that the weeds do not have to be the garden.”

Commanding multiple genre spaces, anaiis’ exclusive COLORS performance amplifies the breath taking tones in her vocals and her captivating show presence. Effortless soul flows throughout her show, packed with spine-tingling high notes along with the graceful ability to weave between high and low octaves. Her talent holds no boundaries and showcases a star who is rapidly flourishing among her peers.

Harmonic riffs that are sure to transport listeners to another dimension, the French-Senegalese artist has certainly curated a dreamy listen, pouring with vulnerability and soothing tones. Mastering the depth and substance to her voice from the influence of travelling between multiple continents, anaiis continues to amaze as a multi-lingual sensation. Her voice also goes beyond the music, delivering an empowering TEDxLondonWomen talk after supporting Daniel Ceaser on his UK tour.

Now finding her feet and the freedom to direct her own path in an industry where she previously felt misunderstood, anaiis is unafraid to show transparency with material that is extremely personal yet liberating, shining as a beacon of light amongst the chaos of our world. Continuing to challenge her creativity and step outside her comfort zone, anaiis’ “Vanishing” marks a pivotal moment in her rise to the top.

anaiis’ exclusive COLORS performance of “Vanishing” is available to view / stream here via COLORSxSTUDIOS.

Connect with anaiis: Twitter | Spotify

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