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Duo Sports releases groove-based track "Never Know"

Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot make up dream-pop duo Sports. They’ve been in the music game for a while: since 2015, they’ve been releasing albums, covering different sounds from psychedelic to surf rock. With a new project on the way, the group just recently released their newest track, “Never Know” along with a unique, yet grungy and casual music video.

"Never Know" is a groovy trip from start to finish. With a succulent, funky bass and psychedelic synths, their music will always have you running for your headphones or cranking up the volume on your speaker. Their music is the perfect sound to just sink into. The duo started this sonic stage back in May with their returning single, “Tell You Something.” Lyrically, however, these latest singles focus on themes of attachment versus disconnection.  As Cale Chronister states, “Never Know” specifically falls into “a feeling of hopelessness and desperation.”

Look out for their new project, Get A Good Look Pt. 1, when it comes out February 12th.

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