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D!XON’s “Arms Around Me” is your motivation to live authentically

Non-conforming D!XON’s powerhouse, sauce-pot song "Arms Around Me" is the unmerciful confession of love for someone and/or the people around you. Working alongside celebrity director and stylist to create the stunning new visuals, “Arms Around Me” is an expressive, relatable and entertaining anthem, that'll leave you feeling feisty and fabulous.

Influenced by Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, D!XON’s vocals are rich, fluid and full of delicious vibratos, riffs and runs. Oozing in sass and confidence, his voice will have you ready to glow up and show up for yourself. This R&B pop-dance tune is sure to empower you and ignite your inner flames of passion, love and living authentically. Full of electrifying, synths, soft and powerful drums, magical high melodies and a sexy, full saxophone that flows throughout the tune, it's pure seduction.

The new video is awe-inspiring, starting with atmospheric shots, climbing skyscrapers and flashbacks of D!XON and his love, the video sparks off with plenty of feeling and story. Amongst the emotions are shots of colourful, city scenes and the streets of the singer's hometown, Toronto. The video shows people coming together thriving and being true to themselves. Made by the 2SLGBTQ+ community, the stunning visuals display confidence, style, dancing, passion, and are wonderfully inspiring and motivating. The movement in the video is sassy and fierce; curated by celebrity director Dan Lemoyne, Hollywood Jade (Drag Race Canada resident choreographer), along with Marc Andrew Smith (Drag Race resident stylist) the video is a true work of art.

Each little detail adds to the meaning and emotion of the track; D!XON aims to break the mould, but he's smashed it with power, passion and strength. Over a beautiful, breathtaking city sunset backdrop the video ends on an emotional, encouraging and motivating feel. D!XON is a beacon of light for the LGBTQ+ community - a true symbol of living unapologetically yourself and loving whoever your heart desires, and whoever your soul wants. This really is a rush of spur and incentive to just be you, in every aspect and to not hide away from who you really are. It’s refreshing, emotional, freeing, cheeky and your anthem for owning who you are.

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