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The Trusted get emotional in honest new single “Criminals”

Hailing from the British seaside town of Southend-on-Sea, four-piece indie rock band The Trusted unveil their latest release “Criminals,” and it’s a tearjerker. Taking a step away from their usual sound of raucous and energetic rock’n’roll, the band show a side to themselves which we’ve never seen before. Honest, raw and touching, “Criminals” details the ever-so-familiar feeling of longing for something or someone that’s just a little out of your reach.

The track is the follow up to their recent EP Love & Suicide—a four-track release that saw brothers Fin and Tom Cunningham and pals Dave Batchelor and Dale Holt-Mead go through a journey of young adulthood, battling life's inevitable peaks and troughs. While its deep and ponderous themes touched on everything from self discovery, purpose and ambition, love, loss, and friendship, they somehow still don't quite compare to the emotional fortitude of "Criminals." 

The introduction to “Criminals” almost shimmers, with oscillating synths creating a starlit backdrop. Tom’s soulful, yet husky vocals reap a sense of wisdom, while pounding drums and big sweeping guitars emit a theatrical response, pulling you deeper into the song and allowing you to experience the emotion behind each and every word. Singing, "deconstruct the dice and pay the lovers price/ I want to take off soon sweetheart," the lyrics ache with affection and desire. 

Oozing with sincerity and empathy, the profound song is one that you’ll keep returning to when you feel like you just need a bit of a cry. Not afraid to show their vulnerabilities, The Trusted are breaking emotional barriers with their new single, and we’re all for it.

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