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Cheriton and Lydia Clowes "Say Hey" with collaborative single

Back in July, we had our first taste of Nick Harrison's CHERITON project with his debut EP, Parallel: a short yet comprehensive release that displayed heaps of potential for his contemporary and yet simultaneously timeless indie-pop. Now with a further two singles under his belt, the London-based artist's 'out of place in time' aesthetic continues to broaden, with his unmistakable voice acting as the lynchpin for his chameleonic and masterfully explorative sound.

The latter of the two singles, "Say Hey," is also his first collaborative effort, featuring vocalist and fellow Londoner, Lydia Clowes of Bad Honey.

Speaking to the track's relatable motivations in an email statement, Harrison outlines that, ​“'Say Hey' is a song about communication. It’s about reconnecting and how sometimes you get stuck in those meaningless and drawn out “pre-chat” conversations... ‘how have you been?’.. **two weeks pass** ‘Work’s been crazy!’ ** ‘Busy’s good!!’

The warm and raw groove of the introduction immediately brings into play a sense of nostalgic familiarity, a trait of his sound that's fast becoming a hallmark. As layers coalesce around the verses' guitar riff, Clowes brings the "conversation" to life, effortlessly enriching the melody by delivering a harmonious response to Harrison's call. He continues in the same statement, "the verses explore those digital conversations you find yourself in, whereas the chorus is the brain and your subconscious dialogue which keeps you attached and engaged. The memories of good times that keep you coming back, the acknowledgement and understanding of each other's faults and how you process them." As the track shifts into the chorus, "Say Hey" further brings the lyricism into the energy of the song by articulating the "brain and your subconscious dialogue" element by dipping rather than rising in dynamics, layering the vocals with spacey synths and slowing the rhythm for further introspection.

He concludes, "We smashed it out in a day which gave it a very raw and occasionally sparse sound. I love these happy accidents, it defined the whole feel of the song. How it creeps and crawls into its parts, mirrors the ease in which you can slide into those nowhere chats.”

"Say Hey" is out now via Bops For.

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