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Downtown Kayoto is on a roll with new single "Rox"

One of the most dazzling new artists of 2020, U.K.-based Downtown Kayoto is a blessing of bright colorful sounds that refuse to be defined by a single genre or label. The artist brings an incredibly unique energy on every track while diversely interpolating flows and jumps back and forth from rapping to singing with a level of aptitude that belies his years. 

"Rox" finds Kayoto at his most infectious, with twisting and distorted vocals tattooed against booming 808s and a minimalist melody that pushes the confident artistry of the Hull, U.K. artist to the very forefront.  With polished and addictive vocals, the snappy chorus begs to be whistled, hummed, and ineptly sung in the shower for weeks to come.  

Kayoto’s Pinkboy EP was released a little over a year ago showcasing the enigmatic singer’s diversity of influences and eagerness to challenge sonic barriers.  Followed up by a quarterly release of singles in 2020, Kayoto seems to be building anticipation for a future project by dropping earworm tracks like breadcrumbs, combining his Blood Orange-esque visual artistry with his surprising penchant for dropping rewind-worthy bars. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whatever is in the future for Downtown Kayoto.

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