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Nada Robot ponders the price of affection in “Free Love”

There is no mistaking the electrifying connection that comes through NADA ROBOT’s music. Founded by husband and wife team Addam and Mia Farmer, the indie pop outfit perfectly display a flawless funky sound. Their new single “Free Love” showcases the same polished punchy flair the band is known for.

The groovy song oozes with bouncing bass, sparkling synths and hypnotic harmonies indicative of Earth Wind & Fire. A track erupting with attitude, the offering is a fierce narration of the addictive drug that is love and how strong its currency is in society. Addam shares in a statement, "people will go dirt broke for a shot at love. In the chorus, we say ‘they call it free love,’ with emphasis on ‘they’ because it’s unclear on whether or not ‘we’ should call it that. Is love really free?"

Addam & Mia Farmer along with brothers Heath & Austin Farmer have formed a boisterous band that is a family affair. Obtaining much success with their previous alt rock band Island Apollo, now the foursome has evolved into a new chapter of music. Influenced by musical greats like Daft Punk and Talking Heads, NADA ROBOT has crafted a style of danceable bangers that pop with glittery, infectious vibes. Be on the lookout for this band on the rise with more colorful releases sure to come.

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