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bb sway promises new 'Habits' in latest single

Hong Kong born and London based artist bb sway is back with the release of "Habits", a light R&B tune where bb promises to work on positive life changes. It is the latest release in a stream of stellar tracks this year, including gems such as "I Found Out When the Day Had Come" and "Up in the Air."

"Habits" kicks off with a playful synth riff and gentle drums that feel warm and cozy. Simple but effective, it floats in the air in that effortless way that makes bb's work so relatable and compelling. While it explores the proactive activities such as cooking, cleaning, and appreciating good weather that are instrumental in emotional healing, she makes these small actions feel luxurious and downright groovy, and as bb says "sad periods don't last forever, and there are things I can do to help myself!"

"Habits" is the perfect pick-me-up track for when life is overwhelming, and feels akin to a burst of sunshine through dark clouds that is very much needed at the moment.

Connect with bb sway here: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter| Bandcamp



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