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Total Brutal looks into the future in “Egypt”

Indie pop artist Total Brutal, a.k.a Emily Moore, hopes to spread a message of positivity in her latest single “Egypt.” The Los Angeles-based artist, whose music often touches on self-empowerment, is wanting to reignite the excitement of the future, rather than suffer from the uncertainty of what’s to come.

The groovy “Egypt” gives a nod to the '80s, with vibrant, colorful instrumentation and glistening synth-laden melodies creating the backdrop to this lighthearted song. Her soulful vocals sing “you’re not going to rain on my parade,” emphasizing the idea that no one or nothing will stop her from living her life. Her uplifting lyrics are a comforting reminder that every cloud has its silver lining and no matter what life throws at us, we will find the strength to move forward and look to the future. Moore shares in a statement, “The song is about trying to get the feeling back of being a kid excited about the future instead of living in the past and being afraid of the future. I constantly need to remind myself to play more and lighten up. It’s easy to get lost in the seriousness of life but I want to go through life having fun and viewing everything with curiosity.”

Bringing to mind the likes of Phoenix and Shura, “Egypt” is the perfect remedy to those lockdown blues. With a hip-wiggling rhythm, the song makes you want to get up and dance like when you were a child. Reflecting the meaning behind the song, "Egypt" emits a joyous feeling from the get go. 

You may also recognize Moore for performing with other notable acts while on tour, including FUN, Børns and X Ambassadors are just a few names she has had the pleasure of performing alongside, and as a talented multi-instrumentalist, it's no surprise why.

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