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Cloud Atrium embodies "Polarity" ahead of 'Complex Beings' album [Video]

When one envisions an independent artist, someone like Cloud Atrium comes to mind, a Philadelphia based rapper/producer/engineer/director that has a grasp on practically every facet of creation.  Cloud recently released a slew of music videos in preparation for his December project: Complex Beings, one of these singles being "Polarity". A common theme between these 2020 visuals is a lucid, psychedelic quality. That quality melds no better than with this track.

"Polarity" begins with an ethereal wash of pads and synths, layered with jittery, pitched up vocal refrains and warbling keys.  This placid atmosphere sounds like your last breaths bubbling to the surface before you slip into nothingness. Cloud builds upon this masterfully crafted psychedelia with sparse trap percussion and a dreary, reverb-soaked monotone. He quickly subverts expectations by flooding the mix with heavy 808s and vicious distortion. During the hook, his sombre drawl morphs into a soft, animated falsetto and suddenly, the name, "Polarity" makes sense. Cloud Atrium allows lush soundscapes and chaotic abrasion to coexist without one compromising the other. The video matches the drugged-out feel of the music perfectly with vivid colours, phantom-like effects and lo-fi camera work.

Cloud Atrium's "Polarity" is one man's vision through and through: the production, vocals and cinematography screaming his unique voice from every possible angle. He expertly brings together sonic polar opposites to create a truly mesmerizing experience.

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