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POESY unveils the glittering new single "Diamonds"

Canadian artist POESY's emotive new single "Diamonds" is marked by brooding vocals and dazzling textured melodies. The single captures the overcoming of a dark period, stepping into the light and reflecting on your own strength. 

With her gentle yet powerful vocals, POESY (Sarah Botelho) layers her voice upon an evocative soundscape that fuses alt-rock rhythms with pop undertones. Influenced by the idea that nothing lasts forever, "Diamonds" rises from the flames with its rousing drum patterns and glistening sonics. 

POESY tells us: “Diamonds is at its core, a song about experiencing a dark time and trying to drag yourself through to the other side. It’s about the pressure you put on yourself that leaves you with dark inner turmoil. I’ve dragged myself out of that countless times so I hope Diamonds can do that for someone else. I called it Diamonds because they’re a substance that is made under huge amounts of pressure, but they’re also so valuable - just like we are. So be gentle with yourself...”

There's an evident grace to this single, one that makes you want to be stronger for yourself. It's both dramatic and tender; a song that encourages the process of self-reflection and being kind to ourselves. "Diamonds" is just that, it's a gem that glistens when its heard and adds huge value to our lives.

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