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Josh Stevens longs for a fair future for his daughter in “Hello Darling”

Josh Stevens in “Hello Darling” has captured the emotive essence of a fear that many fathers grapple with. This sweeping single was written as an ode to the singer’s new daughter and outlines the dream of a future for her that is devoid of sexism.

Through Stevens' warm vocal tone and touching lyricism, we can sense his deep concern for not only his daughter but also other young women. With the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who fought hard on issues of women’s rights, more than ever we are seeking change. Stevens' new single puts a voice to the worries that come with bringing a girl into this world.

The singer, songwriter and producer has collaborated with industry greats like Calvin Harris and LMFAO. Transitioning from a hip-hop sound to an indie pop/rock persona, Stevens has found a true authenticity that is strongly felt throughout his music. His love for singing paired with an equally as immense passion for producing and engineering has turned him into the multi-faceted talent he is today. 

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