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Sam Ritchie comes to terms with heart-wrenching deception in “Here We Go Again”

Have you experienced the pain of dealing with a sneaky significant other flirting with people behind your back? Now imagine those people are your friends. That scenario is exactly what Sam Ritchie faced in a past relationship and expresses those pent up feelings in his new single “Here We Go Again”. This thrilling electronic triumph bursts with brightness. Featuring rich, striking synths and soft impassioned vocals, listeners sense his deep anguish for a love lost to deception. Emotively singing, “I never want to see you again, I’ve never been mean til the end”, Ritchie knows he is not the one in the wrong and did not deserve this kind of cruel treatment.

The Southern California artist delivers a bold brand of catchy, booming bedroom pop. Being a true romantic, the singer’s been writing love songs since he was young. Ritchie’s releases highlight the deep beauty love can bring, but also the aching sadness. Through his profound and personal music we get a rare window into his deepest inner thoughts. With a driving, danceable beat hypnotically pulling you in, his unique offerings take you on a whirling ride you do not want to end. Check out the colorful single “Here We Go Again” now.

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Electro Pop


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