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Mystical queen Kéren looks into her crystal ball in new album 'In Form'

Like a utopia of paradise, memories and lessons, Kéren's new album, In Form, is like a look into a crystal ball and tales of her life. The six-track album is full of complexity, twists and turns, as is life, yet In Form Kéren flows organically and effortlessly from one song to the next. In Form not only encompasses the navigation of her own enlightenment but carries a blissful Eden of sounds that wash you with healing energy and comfort, not to forget, room to boogie if you want to.

Kicking off the release is “Love Binds.” Setting you up for a dip into wonderland, the song shimmers with flutters of finger-plucked guitars, both delicate and strong. The rise and fall of vocals sound like a smoky quartz, crystal clear and utterly mystical. “Outer Mirrors The Inner” contains transcendental flames of enchanting harmonies, glassy bells, spellbinding synths and electric guitar, contrasted by a groovy bass and eclectic drum patterns.

Written over the space of five years amidst her awakening, the singer-songwriter says, “The formation of the songs are sung through my changing iterations of Selves, throughout many pinnacle defining phases and revelations in my journey.” Not only a diverse mix of sounds from influences across the globe, In Form draws on Kéren’s influences from the experimental tropics of Björk and Kate Bush.

Amongst the wonderful songwriting and production the magical goddess displays both a soft and powerful voice, not only a stunning tone but overall vocal ability too. Find comfort in losing yourself in this enchanting new album.

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5 months ago

Keren is the real deal. Musicality, real spiritual power, and something vibrating on her tongue, guitar, and heart which cannot compress into words. You owe it to yourself to listen!