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Vox Rea touch on leaving childhood behind in their single, ‘Dose Me Up’ [Video]

Vox Rea is a brand new three-piece out of Canada. Having previously been known as The Katherines earlier in the trios career (2015-2019), Vox Rea have re-debuted per se with their single, "Dose Me Up".

This is a song that is essentially left up to the individual listener to have their own interpretation of, as while this song does fit in within an Indie genre, it is a song that shines through in the way Vox Rea explore the transitionary and unsettling time in current lives: It touches on some of the feelings that come along with leaving your childhood behind.

Sonically, "Dose Me Up" is a song that shines within the five 10 seconds, as the opening keys features heavily on the acoustic setting of the instruments, specifically a grand piano, minimalistic beat of the drum and kick pad, and the overarching satisfaction of Kate Kurdyak, Lauren Kurdyak and Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher's individual vocal range.

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