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remy releases "he's not your boyfriend, he's your boy friend" music video

Polished pop singer/songwriter remy released a track titled "he's not your boyfriend, he's your boy friend" in September, and is now back with the track's music video. 

Originally premiered on the Ones To Watch YouTube channel, the Josh Nesmith-directed music video sees remy away at summer camp, where he crashes a dune buggy and then has to deal with his injuries. It's creative and, oddly enough, fits the song perfectly, as remy is left plenty of time to think about the track's lyrics. "he's not your boyfriend, he's your boy friend" is all about exactly what the title suggests: remy sings to a girl about their failed relationship as he looks at her current relationship status, wondering "what if?" 

Sonically, it's a mellow pop song that shows off remy's songwriting talent. The melodies are just complex enough to constantly keep the listener intrigued, while the story unravels in clever lyrics that are quickly ingrained in the listener's mind. The rising artist's soft delivery combined with the track's catchy chorus make "he's not your boyfriend, he's your boy friend" a song that easily becomes an enjoyable singalong. 

Connect with remy: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 


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