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Anna Storm's "Versace Shade" is a dance new-wave pop banger

R&B meets pop singer Anna Storm's new 80s-inspired dance track, "Versace Shade," radiates with infectious melodies, bold nu-wave soundscapes and vibrantly quirky basslines. The song is an uplifting affair, reminding us all to let loose even in times of intense gravity.

"Versace Shade," aims to empower listeners, encouraging them to live in the moment, don't hold back and watch your worries disappear, and in just two minutes and 44 seconds, "Versace Shade" has the ability to do just that. Storm confides, "Throughout my youth, I’ve spent a lot of time in the club scene across the U.S. in major cities such as New York, Miami, LA & Vegas. I wanted to make an upbeat record you could dance to when you’re out getting turnt up, looking fly af, and slaying— something for the nightclubs and for people to get energized by."

Anna Storm has cultivated a dedicated fanbase who is empowered by her confidence and swagger. She wasn't always admired and loved though, hailing from a small town in Connecticut, Anna was often bullied at a young age and made to feel as if she didn't matter. Her only escape was performing and music, to which she threw herself in, dedicating most of her time to.

As a young adult, Storm ended up relocating to Los Angeles to achieve her dreams and found success quickly. She teamed up with mogul Damon Dash and was featured on his album The Roc Files Vol. 2, as well as attracted the attention of producer Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Young Jeezy) who worked with her on her latest releases. Her fearless approach to songwriting, tongue and cheek social media posts and self-affirming high on life approach all add to the appeal that is Anna Storm.

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