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MELA-D focus on their "State of mind" on new single [Video]

Indigenous duo from Rockhampton, Australia MELA-D release a new mindful single "State Of Mind accompanied by captivating visuals.  Strong, impactful and punchy, their debut single is filled with energy only two life-long friends jamming together could provide. 

Released by Desert Pea Media Records, "State Of Mind" is a genre-bending hip hop track that represents their broad musical tastes.  It's a modern deep trap, electronic fused with dubstep inspired song, with production done by HAZY. The artists' wanted to fill the song with high energy accompanied with heavy vocal deliveries. 

Shavinah and Sari​ make up M​ELA-D, the name represents Shavinah and Sari’s rich and proud Melanesian (MELA) and Indigenous Darumbal (D) heritage. Lyrically, they found the zone exploring a focussed and elevated state of mind. Their music comes from truth and honesty with a focus on self-care and reflection. It’s a personal song for the duo, emphasizing their vision for success, the mindset required to get there and a “no one left behind” attitude.

“If you are with us now, then you will be with us then” the duo share in a statement. “The song reflects the ideal that it is important to always start within yourself and to have your state of mind set on what you want before you begin to achieve it, vision it, then execute the vision. This is what we’re constantly working on for ourselves. It’s a continuous process really.” 

Connect with MELA-D: Spotify |  Instagram  | Facebook

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