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Dresage illustrates our own destructiveness in “Who I Am” [Video]

Dresage aka Keeley Bumford is a singer, songwriter, producer and composer who takes pride in building others up. The indie-pop artist collaborates with groups such as She Knows Tech and Beats By Girlz to help aspiring female producers get the training they need. For someone who is such an inspiration to others, it is hard to believe that she sometimes loses sight of her own self-worth. Dresage’s latest single “Who I Am” explores the self-deprecating lens we often view our lives through.

With the reflective, “Who I Am” her aim is to encourage others to seek self-acceptance and growth. The spellbinding track showcases quirky, dream-like instrumentation and opulent silky vocals. The accompanying visuals seamlessly pair with the song’s wistful feel, displaying a relaxing ocean setting and lush greenery.

Dresage’s music takes listeners on an eye-opening journey with its unique sounds and textures. Focusing on themes of mental health and the inner workings of the human psyche, her profound lyrical pondering makes for deeply enriching releases. Suffering from intense depression and anxiety, she uses her talent to express her most vulnerable emotions. “Who I Am” is off her entirely self-produced forthcoming EP Terror Nights / Terror Days. Discover inner peace and love with this scenic video now.

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