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Jimi Somewhere tries to find direction with new single “In My Car”

It's easy to hear the influences of hip-hop and dreampop in the heavy bass beats of 21-year-old Benjamin Schandy (aka jimi somewhere) . Today, he’s releasing the next single coming off his forthcoming album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, the tender track, “In My Car.” 

Right from the beginning, the track carries a droning synth and groovy backbeat alongside Schandy's aching vocals. A sprinkle of car sound are woven into a wavy melody as the cinematic production creates a montage of driving through city streets. Schandy explains, “I spend and have spent so much of my life in cars. I love driving and it’s such a good thing for connecting, especially growing up in these small places where not much happens, you just end up driving around or sitting in a parking lot somewhere.”

"In My Car" paints a vivid picture of the angst that still exists in the modern coming-of-age experience. One can most likely expect the same when Nothing Gold Can Stay drops on February 5th, 2021 via Next Wave/Ultra Records.

Connect with jimi somewhere: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

Dreampop · Hip-Hop


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