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See.Francis gives us an early "Fashion Weak"

New Jersey artist See.Francis releases his new fiery track "Fashion Weak," delivering nothing but good flow and energy.
See.Francis has dropped a few singles this year, such as "Skeletons," "News," and "Crash," all of which are unique in their own ways yet all have lively sounds to offer. "Fashion Weak" undoubtedly has a very similar theme sonically. Beginning the track with soft and light beats, it quickly transitions into a vibrant scene where the background instrumental guitar sounds create an upbeat environment. See.Francis is not afraid to experiment with different beats and that is clear with OctaneThisThatGas and Patrick Hall's euphoric production. These sounds combined with See.Francis' clever wordplay create an unforgettable track.
Through exceptional writing, See.Francis raps simple yet catchy lyrics that gives him a gateway to flex on the finger things in life. Having to go through the struggle, he is definitely proud to boast about what he has achieved regarding his possessions. To top it all off, his confident tone and delivery make this a hardcore and motivating track. "Fashion Weak," makes it easy to get lost in See.Francis' world, leaving you feeling like a million bucks. 
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