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Mia Nicolai reclaims her self-worth on "Mutual Needs"

Pop newcomer Mia Nicolai draws on an array of influences to craft her distinct sound, as she switches between living in LA, London and Amsterdam. Now, the songwriter shares her new single "Mutual Needs" which tackles the liberation of a relationship breakdown.

A love letter to herself, the single allows Mia to understand that she needs to priortise her own needs to be fulfilled. It's an ode to overcoming the, sometimes innate, feeling that we need to be in a relationship to feel worthy and content. "Mutual Needs" places the contentment on self-worth, realising that being able to step out of a relationship and make yourself the protagonist again is the key to living happily.

Woven with soothing melodies, the single slices sultry vocals with a pop-infused laid-back beat that propels Mia's voice to the forefront. Dotted with dark intimacies, "Mutual Needs" is liberating with its glossy textures and honest lyrics. "I truly believe every person will get to a point in their life where they will end up in a relationship where the love is not equally reciprocated and your needs are no longer being fulfilled," says Mia.

"The love for the person is still there but you know that you have to pass up on good to get great. If you find yourself relating to “Mutual Needs” I would love for you to take away a simple message…once you know that the relationship you’re currently in isn’t the right fit, choose yourself, even if it hurts. No person is worth losing your peace over. You can wish them well on their journey and carry on with life."

"Mutual Needs" is that track you need if you feel guilty for stepping out of a relationship and prioritising your own needs. Pop is a soothing antidote for heartbreak and Mia Nicolai has just shared her winning formula. The track is out now via Red Papula.

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