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BLK serve up their own take on pop music with "Got It" [Video]

Inasmuch as "pop music" is made by the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, it is also created by black performers like Beyoncé and Ciara whose hits are often treated as too steeped in black culture to have pop's broad appeal. As hip-hop continues to blur the lines between music genres, what used to be solely classified as "urban music" or "R&B" just a few years ago is now taking its rightful place atop mainstream pop charts. Taking this into account, you can only raise a glass and toast a girl-group like BLK whose single "Got It" confidently connects itself to the same "90's-R&B" foundation that today's "pop" acts are using to set the world ablaze while also serving up their own take on fun and flirty R&B.

On the full-of-bravado tune, group members Bexk, Lilac X, and Korahjay give each other plenty of time in the spotlight as they let onlookers know that they have a whole lot to flaunt and won't hesitate to do so. Producer Lincoln "L.A.B" Balché (who brought the three young ladies together under one sassy-sexy-cool flag) provided the ladies a sparse-yet-spirited beat to shine on and also directed their eye-catching video. In it, the starlets match the "young, fresh & new" vibe of the song as they serve up plenty of kittenish allure in and around a swank penthouse. "We’re not trying to chase a certain vibe, sound, or look. We are just being ourselves" offers Korahjay while explaining what drives BLK as a group as well as individual performers. "We're strong women who are bringing something new." adds Bexk.

This swaggering debut from BLK serves as a sort of sweet and bubbly cocktail before their BLK Girl Magic EP touches down in the near future. For now, press play and enjoy the sights and sounds that the ladies offer up as they begin their rise towards pop and R&B stardom.

You can check out "Got It" right now, courtesy of Made In Sauga Records, on all streaming services right now.

Connect with BLK: Facebook | Instagram | Official site | Spotify | Tidal 


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