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Mango Rain shares summery sophomore single "Claudia"

There's always something special about artists that can encapsulate a mood, moment or sensation perfectly in their music. Stockholm-based singer-songwriter and producer Isak Frihammar, or lo-fi indie newcomer Mango Rain, has made that his modus operandi, “I’m inspired by summer, mostly. I want my music to take the listener to their happy place," he offers in an email statement, and with his sophomore single "Claudia," consider your journey started from the first few seconds alone.

As a dusty guitar lick dances beneath, "The Sun is up now, the clouds are fading," he croons as the song begins, instantly establishing the warm-spirited, laidback groove which is fast becoming his trademark. The lo-fi quality of the introduction then dissolves into lush synth chords, as the now reverb-soaked vocals float around the enchanting atmosphere, adding a touch of Tame Impala-inspired psychedelia to it before explodes into the unforgettable stadium-sized chorus.

In the same statement, Frihammar continues, "Claudia is about the feeling you get when you have some time alone with the person you love and when everything just feels right. I wrote this song to someone I got a very special connection to when travelling the world. I remember the lyrics came to me when I was surrounded by this beautiful view and the sun was up and the clouds were fading. It was a very special feeling." With its uplifting melodies, singalong vocals, steadfast rhythms and relaxed nature, consider appetites whet for the release of his debut EP.

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Indie Pop · Lo-Fi


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