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Chris Malinchak sends out 'The Letter' EP

Chris Malinchak has been busy as the year begins to wind down. He announced his debut album earlier in 2020 and has since shared a few tracks from the album as well as a number of singles under The Establishment. He’s also been performing regular candid stripped down sets at the piano and has recently revived The Malinchak Show on SiriusXM Chill. Keeping up with his bustling pace, the New York-based artist is sharing a new release called The Letter EP, out now on his label 2 Crows Records.

The title track “The Letter” eases listeners into the EP with Chris Malinchak’s signature chilled out dreamy production. Filled with soft pattering beats and darling melodies, the EP creates the ultimate cute and cozy vibes. The serene, Balaeric leanings and piano runs add a beautiful touch to “The Letter” that brings about feelings of winter and falling snow. It’s the peaceful soundscape people need right now to distract from all the chaos going on in the world.

Malinchak picks up the pace with “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Me.” He brings in some classic house vibes in the form of jazzy chord progressions, thumping beats, and filtered vocal shots. As the faded melodies and top layers weave in and out, the heart of the song chugs along. The result is a sophisticated, laid back groove that still packs a modern punch with a classic feeling.

To close out The Letter EP, Chris Malinchak doesn’t hold back. “Your Fantasy” wastes no time jumping into a full on assault of synth melodies and percussion. It almost seems like too much, but it’s not. The intricate layers of texture create the perfect jolt of energy to get you moving for one last dance party. It leaves you craving those late nights in a packed out club where everyone’s caught up in the moment dancing. The Letter EP is out now, and be sure to follow along with Chris Malinchak. He has lots of musical treats up his sleeve.

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Chillout · Dance · Electronic · House · Pop · Synth


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