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Jason Nkanga teams up with theMIND on "Know You Better" [video]

The first time I heard of Jason Nkanga was when he put out the animated video for "The Book Of Legends/Book Of War" featuring fellow emcee DELO. The track showcased the emerging emcee's lyrical and storytelling skills alongside the awesome video filled with ninjas and assassins. On his new single "Know You Better," we get to see the  British-Nigerian rapper in a whole new light as he teams up with singer theMIND for some feel-good music.

"Know You Better" is a quintessential puppy love song rife with soft R&B elements and a laidback hip-hop bounce which he uses to pour adulations on the girl that caught his eye. Nkanga doesn't try to beat us over the head with mind-blowing metaphors on love but rather goes straight to the crux of the matter with honest lines like "Ain't a superstar yet but I'm sure gon pop/You see, give me some time to be on the top know Your friends ain't impressed by the shit that I got." He sure lets his feelings roam freely and also doesn't try to be what he is not.

For the video, Nkanga taps director Ivan Boljat to help bring his dreams to life. The director goes for a straightforward performance shot of both Nkanga and his love interest in different situations. We do get to see the progression of the relationship that started from the corner shop and slowly blossomed into something heartwarming.

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