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Dead Pony explore the toxicity of negativity on "23, Never Me"

Dead Pony are a highly energetic punk band out of Scotland and following on from the release of the four-piece's single "Sharp Tongues" back in July, the Glasgow natives have returned with a fresh cut off their debut EP, titled "23, Never Me," that sees the band bring together Anna Shields' leading vocals and distorted heavy handed instrumentals.

Following on from the release of "Sharp Tongues", Dead Pony continue to showcase their hectic assortment of punk-rock influences right away, in the way they are able to bring together their fast, impactful instrumentals mixed directly underneath Dead Pony frontwoman Shields' vocals. She is the start of this song as she takes charge with her commanding frantic vocal cords, that lyrically hit home the message of the song, about cutting ties with toxicity and freeing yourself of negative people and their views.

Dead Pony's thrilling new single is now out via LAB Records.

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