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DJ 3000 returns to Motech Records with 'Werkin' EP

DJ 3000 has returned to his own Motech Records to release his second EP of the year, Werkin. A two-track EP, which — like his Don’t Stop EP — was produced in the midst of the COVID lockdown, Werkin is the perfect soundtrack for those lockdown work outs and kitchen dancing sessions. It’s upbeat, brimming with energy, and has that authentic oldskool sound to it — a wicked concoction to get you on your feet.

Title track “Werkin” is a head-turner from the very beginning. It’s a continuation of the soundscapes explored in “Don’t Stop,” and serves straight up oldskool realness. Fresh 909’s, choppy vocals and dreamy synths all play their part in making “Werkin” a pristine dancefloor track. Inspired by Detroit ghetto tracks, DJ 3000 lowers the BPM to push it into the realm of techno — and he may just have created the lockdown 2.0 anthem.

“Without Fear” closes off the EP with simplicity. Modulated chords are easy on the ear, and provide enough Detroit groove to go around as the bassline rumbles along. Whilst the concept remains uncomplicated, the execution is impeccable; “Without Fear” is a timeless track. The energy remains consistent throughout, keeping things rolling and locking the listener in.

Werkin can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with DJ 3000: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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