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Zaamwé's "Saturday Night" is a tale of the pursuit of happiness

Maryland-based artist and producer Zaamwé caught our ears with his brand of retro-pop-funk style. On his newest effort titled "Saturday Night," he takes us back in time with shimmering synths, nostalgic keys, thumping drums, and vocals soaking wet in parallel effects.

Zaamwé sounds comfortable over his own audio canvas and delivers a breathy melodic performance reeking of nonchalance and carefree spirits. The record dwells on an unnamed girl who uses the party scene as an outlet from a soured relationship. She steps into the scene with a devil may care demeanor mesmerizing all the guys in the club with her sultry moves which also catches Zaamwé's attention.

The DMV act takes cues from a long-gone era and adds his own twist resulting in an edgy retro-fitted sound that everyone can easily rock to. This is the third track of his new, conceptual EP My Friend, Ruby. Zaamwé is currently unsigned and he is literally a one-man army who writes, records, produces, and releases his own music independently.

Connect with Zaamwé: Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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