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not.fay lays out her thoughts on "never me"

US-based, Swiss-Egyptian singer not.fay's new single "never me" is moody and melancholy. The eclectic singer goes for an unapologetic style that dives into the concept of wanting better from a partner. 

Made up of atmospheric pads, sparsely arranged drums, and a weird ominous synth, the track on its own gives the feeling of sadness and sober reflections. However, "Never Me" is so far from about sobbing, but rather standing on ten toes against any form of emotional abuse from a so-called partner. Her performance strays a bit from the norm and she delivers with a laidback breathy voice that almost seems as if she is lackadaisical about the whole situation. "never me" delivers the goods with a stylistic and experimental approach, from the grittiness of the mix to the way not.fay keeps the harmonies simple. The song is the follow-up to her last single "Bound 2'" but as of yet, no project has been attached to both singles.

The singer had a solid run on the UK Music Week charts and was voted by the public to perform at the Strawberries & Cream Festival.  She was also supposed to open up for controversial rapper Bhad Bhabie in the Middle East but all that fell through when the entire show was canceled due to the former's crazy antics.

Although she is based in the states, she reveals via email that she moves around quite a lot but the only constant thing about her is her music and a portable studio setup. 

Connect with not.fay : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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