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"Nothing More" is the spine-tingling new single from Azadeh

London singer-songwriter Azadeh unveils her chilling new single "Nothing More". Showering her incredible vocals upon soothing melodies, the single is a powerful track that harnesses the strength in making hard-but-good-for-you decisions.

Pushing vulnerability to the forefront, "Nothing More" is powerfully captivating. Written about taking control of a relationship coming to an end, the single is an uplifting ode to knowing that your best self is just around the corner. Dripping with liquid gold, Azadeh's vocals are capable of making your hairs stand to attention. Her velvety sounds dive into your ears to make you feel uplifted and ready to take on the world.

Azadeh tells us that the single is about that realisation that a relationship is completely finished "It’s about that turning point when you reach a crossroads in life and the new path you have chosen may not necessarily be the easy one - in fact it may be full of unknowns and great hardships - but in the long run it will become the most fulfilling and life affirming journey yet. Its easy to stay in a place, or in a relationship of any sort, where you simply go with the flow, but that uncomfortable lingering feeling can gradually snowball into a voice that can’t be ignored: you will never be happy until you leave."

Glimmering with supersonic melodies and iridescent whirls, the single is a pure spine-tingling joy. Azadeh's artistry is on the rise and there's nothing you can do to prevent from being swept up into it. 

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