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Erthlings return with an "Irrational" roller skating, dream pop anthem

Sydney-based four-piece Erthlings, known for their hypnotic, dream pop sound, have recently returned with their first single of 2020 titled "Irrational." Erthlings' "Irrational" is a bright spot in what has been somewhat of a cursed year.

Following on from the release their 2019 EP Indigo, the new single and music video, specifically, offer a cinematic shoegaze effects over the underlying array of instrumental guitars, minimalistic drum beats, what seems to be an accordion blaring throughout, and the highlight of their dream pop sound.

Additionally Erthlings (Issy, Jessame, Taylor and Lissa) have brought with them a visual story that first starts off as an intimating setting amongst friends, highlighted by Issy's vocals taking charge, before becoming a skate competition mixed in with a hazy, dream pop world of visuals of the roller skate rink.

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