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Mt. Joy share the political new single "New President"

Philadelphia outfit Mt. Joy share their latest folk-rock slice of goodness with the stirring single "New President". Woven with a tapestry of acoustic guitar strings and rousing melodies, the single is a mellifluous catalyst for social change. 

Wrapped in their familiar soothing Americana, "New President" is yet another sublime track from the talented quintet. Flowing with inimitably colorful embellishments, the multi-dimensional track seeps into an almost psychedelic whirl, allowing its arrangements to dissolve into one lustrous, harmonic soundscape.

"The song is centered on the idea that America reminds me of the arc of so many failed relationships," frontman Matt Quin comments. "The issues start piling up and we recognize that there are issues, but we let go and don’t exert the energy to fix them. So, now we are at the breaking point. We have to put all of our energy into fixing these problems or else, among other things, we will lose our freedom."

Mt. Joy's exquisite musicality is spellbinding. Their peaceful trajectory, laced with poignant messages, offers a glimpse into the hope within their hearts. Talking of taking down "fascist clowns", the track's tone is one of integrity and the need to make a difference. "I had the opportunity to get out and protest and it made me somewhat optimistic," Quinn continues. "There are so many more people that want equality and a world where human rights are inalienable rights.  So, I hope the song captures the feeling of realizing we are at the final breaking point, but feeling hopeful that we can still fix it if we do it together. And don’t get me wrong, Fuck Donald Trump.”

Despite its cathartic sounds, "New President" adds depth to the political landscape. Adding guidance for those who need it and bringing clarity to those who are lost amongst political ambiguity, Mt. Joy offer the real deal with a deceivingly calm single.

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