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Evan Miles explains how "It's Gunna Hurt Me"

Anomaly Collective co-founder and producer Evan Miles continues his great run of solo material on his brand new single "It's Gunna Hurt Me". 

After co-founding the Waterford based hip-hop collective Anomaly, Evan Miles has been consistent since he dropped his debut release in 2018. With big singles like "Hour Glass", "Late Night" and "Let Loose", Miles has proven to be one of the foremost contributors to the growth of the Irish music scene as a whole. Having worked with artists such as Pat Lagoon and Rikshaw, Miles has made a big move to establish himself as a solo artist and that is where we find him on this new single. 

"It's Gunna Hurt Me", is a clear attempt to reflect the current times we are in. Miles is making an effort to present a more visual side to his artistry. The high wire strings create extreme tension of the bat and the release when the beat drops is a thing of beauty. The eerie vocal lines that are flowing through this piece are eerie and add to the overall dark mood in spades. This is clear reflection of where Miles headspace is out in this current worldwide climate. Despite its clear dark tone, the rhythm section presents an opportunity for uplifting moments. The thumping kick drums and sputtering hi-hat patterns gives the track a sense of movement, creating s a perfect juxtaposition to the dark, melodic portion of this track. 

Overall, this is a fresh step in the right direction toward establishment for Evan Miles. He is on a forward journey toward becoming the bench mark went it comes to producer/artists in Ireland at this time. If he keeps up this relentless pace combined with the sheer quality, we are on the verge of unearthing a true diamond in the Irish scene once again.  

Connect With Evan Miles: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Atmospheric · Dance · Electronic · Minimal


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