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Leila hopes to make a change in empowering new single "Go On Young Soul"

Soulful songsmith Leila is hoping to make a change with her latest, thought-provoking single "Go On Young Soul." As a software engineer and documentary maker by day, Leila is now dedicating her time and focusing on her true passion of music, as a way to send thought-provoking messages to listeners around the world. The poignant track shines light on the importance of voicing your opinions, making yourself heard and actioning for a better future. More specifically, it speaks about the mighty significance of voting and ensuring that we are all part of the movement.

“Go On Young Soul" drips with haunting harmonies, simplistic arrangements and warm, chilling vocals, casting a breathtaking atmosphere, which will send shivers down your spine. The stunning ballad carries an emotional weight, both sonically and thematically. Not only is Leila voicing a serious subject matter, but she is delivering it through heart-wrenching melodies. Her soulful sound seeks inspiration from the likes of late romantic classical composers and vintage Italian film scores, giving a musical maturity that is often lacking in modern music.

The visuals for "Go On Young Soul" is made up of devastating clips that 2020 has thrown at us. From the Black Lives Matters movement, to the pandemic, we follow Leila on a journey seeing her cast her vote and ultimately have a say in the future of America.

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