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Dan Onkar shares afro-fusion EP titled 'A Night Like This'

North London-based British Nigerian singer and producer Dan Onkar releases his third EP, A Night Like This. A six track body of work that sees him behind the boards while also working with producers such as Nosa Apollo,FloTheProducer, and guitarist Sonzi.

The EP starts with the moody textures of "If I Lie" where Onkar delivers a heartfelt performance seeking to convince his significant other that his feelings are more than genuine. The track's soft undertones are peppered by Sonzi's electrifying guitar riffs and gently glide beneath Onkar's silky vocals. "Tales By Moonlight" turns up the energy levels with bouncy drums and ethereal pads that bolster Onkar's gentle croons as he sings, "Tell me what you got for me, if it's love then I feel it coming down in my eyes/ You ain't got to waste the night."

Continuing the love profession theme, "Pass it" treads in the comfort of classic R&B, Onkar sticks to a formula that works well for him. He makes use of warm boomy basslines, Afrocentric percussions, and ethereal textures as he paints the picture of the perfect lover who has a lot to offer. The final track "Want it with you" closes the EP with the same intention as the intro but the production is quite different. The solemn piano riffs, trap-inspired drums, and atmospheric sequences work well with Onkar's semi-nasal performance and ultimately exude a sense of closure.

Growing up between Lagos and London, Onkar bridges his influences across both cities on the EP. From soft R&B melodies to punchy Afropop rhythms, A Night Like This sure gives the listener a wide range of emotions to draw upon, and although the theme is not so compelling, it still has a replay value with its enthralling soundscapes and of course Onkar's alluring vocals.

Connect with Dan Onkar: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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