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Kartell taps Coops and Qendresa for a short "Time" to reflect on love

French producer Kartell teams up with vocalist Qendresa and rapper Coops on his new track "Time," which serves as his sophomore single from his forthcoming solo EP. The track is bolstered by Kartell's vintage-inspired sound, with elements ranging from lush ethereal synths, crispy drums, and moody pads. Vocalist Qendresa comes through with her breathy vocals and sultry melodic runs that soak up the track with summer-like warmth.

Reflecting on the uncontrollable variables stemming from romantic relationships, Qendresa takes time to ponder on how things could go as time progresses. Also on the track emerging rapper Coops gives his own perspective on the situation, as he rues on all the bad choices and decisions made in the spur of the moment. "Time" is taken from Kartell's forthcoming Daybreak EP that he calls a polychromatic body of work where he uses instrumentation to capture his favorite outdoor settings.

Kartell started out in late-night Parisian clubs has carved his path and signed to Roche Musique Cézaire in 2012 after a chance meeting with the owner. He was the first signee to the label and hasn't looked back since he dropped his first EP Riviera in 2013.

Get "Time" on Soundcloud.

Connect with Kartell: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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