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Allysha Joy explores mental health on "Light It Again"

It’s well known at this point that Melbourne produces some incredible musicians, and those familiar with the city’s thriving progressive music community are well aware that one of the artists at the heart of it all is Allysha Joy. The pianist, poet, and singer is a key member of the local collective 30/70 and her solo work has been garnering attention and acclaim well beyond Australia’s borders. She recently signed with the label First Word Records and has offered up a preview of her forthcoming debut EP on the label with the titular single, “Light It Again.”

The new track begins with instrumentals, which highlights Joy’s powerful supporting cast filled with fellow Melbourne standouts like Horatio Luna, Josh Kelly, Danika Smith, Nick Herrera, and members of the Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange. The sparkling keyboard chords, pulsing drums, and angular bass lines coalesce for an otherworldly, original sound that is topped off by heavenly vocal melodies and held together by tasteful production from Clever Austin.

We are reminded of Joy’s breathtaking talents the moment her voice enters the mix. Her characteristically husky and fabulously soulful delivery winds its way through the music as she writes about the cyclical nature of addiction and pain that can prevent us from realizing our full potential. With help from some of her hometown’s heaviest hitters, Allysha Joy shows off her exceptional creative spirit and striking musicality on “Light It Again” in a way that will certainly get listeners intrigued for the upcoming EP.

"Light It Again" is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Allysha Joy: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Bandcamp | Website

Jazz · Premiere · R&B · Soul


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