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Sugarcane share the exquisite new single "Midland Girls"

South London's Sugarcane have shared their new single "Midland Girls". Drawing on intricate acoustics, the single is a softening piece of addictive melancholia. 

The brainchild of Robin French, Sugarcane exhibits soothing Brazilian rhythms with delicate melodies. Intertwining guitar plucks with mellifluous vocals from both French and Antonia Thomas, "Midland Girls" is a lustrous track laced with velvety soulfulness. With its coaxing sweet, transcendent sounds, the single is the perfect soundtrack for drifting in and out of daydreams. 

Sugarcane explains: “It’s about someone going to London to pursue her dreams, but finding out it’s her dreams that end up breaking her. It’s about having complicated feelings about your home city; how, by leaving it, you are losing it. How, from now on, you are a sort of exile. It’s about wanting to transform yourself by adventure, but after years of journey, finding out you’ve arrived back in the exact same place you started.”

Filled with lush sonics, "Midland Girls" amalgamates everything beautiful that Sugarcane has to offer. With it's incredibly calming tones, the single effortlessly glides into the ears with such ease, offering comfort and stability. Pure brilliance.

Released via Frizz Records, Sugarcane's debut album is out next year.

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Photo Credit: Marc Sethi


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