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Robyn & Kindness celebrate "Honey" with 'Chic It Immediately'

It has been two years since Robyn released her critically-acclaimed, highly anticipated album, Honey. To mark the occasion, the Swedish star has done what she does best, and turned to those in her closely knit circle of artists to release a shockingly rewarding remix of "Send to Robin Immediately," entitled "Chic It Immediately." A creation of Kindness, a UK artist who has, since the release of Honey, seen their own artistry get newfound time in the sun, "Chic It Immediately" takes the hard work these two have done together over the years (through remixes, collaborations, and otherwise), and puts its party hat on.

Announced via her Instagram, Robyn commented on the world that has changed so greatly in the two years since Honey was released:

Today it is two years since my album, Honey, was released. I’m happy we are celebrating it by making a @kindnessmusic remix of ‘Send To Robin Immediately’ available on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/kindness. They made it whilst we were touring last year. Link in bio.  

I feel lucky that I got to tour with this album before we all had to change our ways of socialising and sharing ceremonial experiences. That space seems to be hijacked by social media and a chaotic stream of information right now. I’m feeling the love from all of you who are still listening to this album and it means a lot to me. I love hearing about your connection to the music. For me it’s a reminder that there are still shared experiences even though they are really hard to grasp without physical spaces to gather in and I feel fortunate to be able to feel that way. Let’s keep holding a space together.  

"Chic It Immediately" diverts from the original track's moody crescendo, having evolved into pure disco celebration. Tapping into the classic Chic track, 1978's "I Want Your Love," the remix moves into mash up territory, with two parts fitting together perfectly. Though this sampling blocks this remix from a larger release, it's worth it. Kindness had an equally important connection to the release of Honey, as they joined Robyn on tour as support across the world. In unique Robyn fashion, the tour, as it did for artists like Channel Tres, served as a new platform for artists she believes in, with Kindness being one of them.

Kindness also shared the remix's origins as they tested out various remixes throughout the tour. For them, this remix stood out. "When I joined Robyn on tour in 2019, I'd make mixes overnight and try them in sets - there are a lot of them, Honey vs Kenlou, Honey vs Pepe Bradock, That's Alright (Honey), She's Got Her Own Thing She's From Sweden, This is Robyn Speaking.... but the one which seemed to make the most sense, like it was a blessing from the gods of music, was 'Chic It Immediately'" they shared via Instagram. "I remember having this brain itch that the bassline in "French Kiss" reminded me of something, and it turns out it was Bernard Edwards' bassline from 'I Want Your Love'."

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