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Jung Mergs gets his "Revenge" [Video]

East London rapper and producer Jung Mergs shares the visuals for his hard-hitting single "Revenge." The track has a dark moody texture and hard-hitting drums bolstered by cinematic synth effects. Mergs' dynamic performance swerve between mellow to frenzied in a split second. Inspired by the feeling of being overlooked, Mergs decides to go against the proverbial grain and do things his way. His drive not to conform is cemented by lines like "I don't need you, I'm so low when I break bread/ rather cut my own self then cut a fake friend/ Me and my pride go right to the great end/ two-faced movements that is why they faceless" and showcase his loner persona.

Directed by Matthew Kinani and Sereeta Venkanah, who help bring Mergs mindstate to life. From the dark ominous aesthetics, cryptic set pieces, and choreography, we get to see how the themes of revenge, non-conformity, and rebellion play off each other from Mergs viewpoint. It's pretty much the viewers peering into Mergs' subconscious as he battles his inner demons and puts to rest all doubts.

"Revenge" is a part of his Everyone Talks About The Good, Never The Bad 3-part music series.

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