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Tiny Jag is her most authentic self on her lead single, "2020 Vision," off of her new EP 'Morph' [Video]

Authenticity is something that many people struggle to find within themselves. Often the world around us and the environments in which we spend so much of our time, shape us into people that we no longer recognize when we look in the mirror. Trying to figure out who we are in the midst of all of that can be incredibly challenging. However, canceling out the extraneous noise, and focusing on who you want to be, can be one of the most liberating experiences. That is what Tiny Jag, seems to accomplish in her new video for her song "2020 Vision."

The song starts with high-pitched synths, before electronic percussion and Tiny Jag's vocals are infused. The blending of pop production and a hip-hop rhythm, on the verses, is seamless. The video, directed by Christopher Gruse, takes us on Tiny Jag's road to self-discovery, quite literally. We watch as she goes from riding in the passenger seat of a car, to the back of a motorcycle, to being carried on a throne through an empty field. These scenes are interspersed with cuts of her dancing alone, singing her song, smiling. About halfway through the video, the music stops, and we are left with what sounds like seagulls at the beach. Simultaneously, the video shows Tiny Jag being immersed into water, seeming to be representative of the rebirth of her true self.

While we see many different sides to Tiny Jag throughout the video, that only seems to further the theme of authenticity. People are multi-faceted and she exemplifies that throughout. She explains, "'2020 Vision' is about inspiring people to be the thing that is often hardest to be - our most true and authentic selves. That’s where true peace is. I wanted to make a video that captured the magnitude of that message, and Gruse did that in a way I could never have imagined." "2020 Vision" sets the tone for the rest of her EP, Morph, and seems to reintroduce Tiny Jag as her most authentic self. 

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