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Ceesar shows a smooth mix of 'Hustle & Passion' on his new EP

Emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Ceesar (Nelson Silva) started a career as an independent business dabbling into retail stores and eCommerce. After some years of building his entrepreneurial portfolio, he decided to enter the music industry, and with a clear plan, he wants to make his mark. From setting up his own label to taking vocal lessons to enhance his talents, Ceesar is not leaving anything to chance. After releasing a couple of singles, he now returns with Hustle & Passion, a six-track EP that celebrates his passion and love for all he does. 

The project is brief but chock full of boomy and crisp production that matches his somewhat offbeat melodic style. From the dreamy textures of "About You" to the anthemic mood of "Drunk textin'," Ceesar shows us different sides to his persona. He can be aspirational and at other times he is like everyone else—emotional and liable to do regrettable things. One thing to note is the fact that he sticks to the go-getter theme throughout the project while showcasing his knack for penning memorable melodies. He doesn't try to beat our heads over with metaphors but rather he keeps it simple and lets the dreamy mood of the production punctuate his slightly auto-tuned vocals. He adds via email that he hopes the project inspires young musicians who are ready to put in the work to be successful.

Ceesar is a graduate of Carleton University and Hustle & Passion is his debut EP since he started making music in early 2019.

Connect with  Ceesar: Website | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Minimal RnB


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