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Noah Guy shares the irresistably sweet "Big Fat Liar"

Philadelphia native Noah Guy returns with the soothing "Big Fat Liar." Delving into the blissful sonics that makes him such an irresistible artist to listen to, the track displays the sweet balance of glimmering acoustics and euphonious vocals.


Wrapped in surf melodies and super cool grooves, "Big Fat Liar" is outlined with melodic guitar-twangs and glorious vocals. This tenderness makes "Big Fat Liar" feel like it could melt every single one of your worries away. Hooked on its simplicity, something that we're really craving right now, "Big Fat Liar" strips back the use of over-production and keeps the narrative clean-cut and precise. 

He explains, "When I wrote this song, the crux of it was really about sidestepping gatekeepers in music, the entertainment industry, or life more broadly, to define your OWN terms of success! The classic childhood film "Big Fat Liar" for me was such a fun piece about sticking it to the man... incorporating those subtle references were a no brainer."

There's something incredibly special about Noah Guy and the music he creates that inhabits the ultimate lullaby-quality for life's' miseries. His inherent ability to write the most poignant tracks embedded with hope is a craft that makes him one of a kind.

"Big Fat Liar" offers that comforting hand in one of the worst times and remains a friend even after the 100th listen. Big up Noah Guy for this fantastic single. 

Connect with Noah Guy:  Spotify | Instagram

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