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The Image score on their latest single "Beaujolais"

The LA-based duo, The Image, is the connection of Franskiiz, a Hawaiian audio engineer, and Watrcup, an LA-born vocalist and writer. There's not a chance you've seen their faces, but you've certainly listened to their music. In late September, The Image dropped their catchy single, "Beaujolais". As sweet as a Beaujolais wine, the track provides an intoxicating blend of Trap and R&B. 

Introduced to each other just a few years ago by their manager Eitan Schorr, Franskiiz's hard-hitting production and Watrcup's smooth singing ability were an easy mix. "Beaujolais" is fashioned just right for their established flair of melodic rap-style pop. A few catchy French sayings sang by the two, accompanied by luxury foreign cars, foreign drinks, and foreign women, we are taken through an invigorating lifestyle of the finer things in life.

"Beaujolais" is a follow up to the duo's recent breakout hit “Believe In Me," which has attracted more than four million streams on Spotify. With over 115,000 streams all together, The Image is rapidly climbing into the mainstream, so be ready. 

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Hip-Hop · Trap


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