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Luke Slater joins Hotflush Recordings to remix 'This Is For You'

Techno legend Luke Slater has joined the Hotflush family, putting his signature sparkle into Scuba’s “This Is For You”. Last summer, Paul Rose remixed Slater’s 1997 classic, “Love" — Slater’s response comes in the form of three remixes of Rose’s 2020 release, under two different aliases.

The opening track, “This Is For You (Luke Slater Short Version)” is a must-have for lovers of breezy dub techno. It’s atmospheric, nostalgic, and wholly feel-good. Sultry vocals are sprinkled over a bubbling myriad of pads, chords and exuberant melodies to leave us with eight minutes of bliss; it’s everything you might expect from one legend remixing another. The “L.B Dub Corp Remix” takes things to a weirder, mysterious place — and we’re absolutely here for it. The bassline becomes more prominent, summoning an irresistible groove that was made for the dancefloor. Moody slices of guitar are the finishing touch with this one, taking it to a different dimension completely. It’s hard to believe each of these remixes came from the same track.

Slater wraps things up with his final monster of a track; sitting just under twenty-three minutes long, this one isn’t for the faint hearted. Though if you’re keen to be taken on a musical journey, look absolutely no further. From dubby techno elements to eerie vocals, dreamy synths and everything in-between, it ticks all the boxes. It’s a journey of musical expression, designed for a deep listening experience.

This Is For You Remixes can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Luke Slater: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · House · Techno


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