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Burning Pools tackle racism in the thought-provoking “White”

Raucous and energetic, Burning Pools drop their latest anthem “White.” Raging with emotion and angst, the song has a powerful anti-racism message to America and an ode to the immigrants who built the nation. The three-piece band have crafted a strong, dynamic track urging people to unite and use their voices to be heard and to make a difference. Known for their lively power-pop sound, Burning Pools deliver one of their most compelling songs to date and they won’t stop until their message has been heard, loud and clear.

Singer Ginger Pooley shares in a statement, "White was written for all of the people of color, immigrants or not, who want to be seen, heard and respected. Though the song was written well before the BLM movement, we wholeheartedly support it and all who are fighting for change around the world."

Burning Pools are entrenched in the pop/rock world, having worked previously with artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, Gwen Stefani and Morrisey. Their time working with the best of the best has given their music an edge that’s hard to find elsewhere. With an infectious brand oozing with fresh vitality, Burning Pools have something to say.

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